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Really great! This content reached the height of quality on this website almost 10 years ago. I hope the creator moved on to bigger and better projects cause his storytelling was professional. Just to date this comment, I just saw Avengers: Endgame (2019) 2 days ago. Have a good day y'all!

Haha that was so much better than I first thought

I second purplegirl11's motion! He'd give me beer and then start rocking out on our front lawn!

very good

"I'll give you a happy holiday!"
haha great.
10/10 5/5

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very good...

the graphics were good and the changing into different animals according to the environment was really cool. it had a simple way of playing, with simple controls which makes it playable by almost anybody. the music was really good to, you put ParagonX9's song into good use.

in short this game was awesome! keep making more games like this plz!

It was good but...

theres a problem, on the last page of the mouse maze tutorial that has a code in it, I can't understand what your trying to say, "lastly make 2 blank keyframes, one in the first frame of your movie and one in the second." I already have keyframes on the first and second frames of my movie, does that mean I have to make another layer or something??? "then have a message in the third frame saying this player has won..." where the hell did the third frame come from?? "...and make a similar message on the fourth frame..." Fourth frame?? "...saying that they have won. Then in the third frame..." wtf I already used the third frame??!! or is there another one on some layer the author didn't mention??!! "...make a sign saying play again...make a copy of it in the fourth frame..." where the f*** did this fourth frame come from??!! please explain, Im not stupid im just ignorant.

zasz89 responds:

Yeah I have only realised that now. Thanx for bringing it to my attention. The instructions were garbled because I finished it in a rush but they are fixed now, so you can make a proper working maze from the tut (just read it over again). Also An example has been added as many people asked for one. Sorry to everyone for any inconvenience or frustration caused.

dude that was awesome!

This was an awesome game! but you need to fix something, when i die and go back to the menu and click load game, my game comes on but the house isn't there, and it goes back to the "your dead" screen... so that just keeps happenning and i can't get back on my saved game. fix that. great game! you gat a 5!

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Always love your songs Envy. Have ever since hearing them back in '05 I think. Heaven Rd. 2 was my favorite for a long time then Chaoz Fantasy (which I know is a remix, but you did it so well) and now I find myself switching back and forth between my 3 new favorites; Vee, Sanctuary, and Paladin. But idk these new songs have caught my attention lol I love anything I can hum along with and go off on my own harmonic tangents :D Another great job!

i think you should finish Melo 14 FTW if you haven't already! It's by far the catchiest demo here and I would love to hear a full version! Keep rockin' :)

It reminds me of a little robot going about his daily life fixing stuff and minding his own business like a good little robot...

"Day in the Life" DitL, DL

"Psychic Breakdown"


That's all I've got, hahaha.

Hi. I aspire to be like my idol Knox. I've been submitting more films lately. I try 2 work on claymtns all the time 2 put on here but lately I've had technical problems. any1 interested, look me up on youtube to c my newest ones 'til i can get them on NG

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